When you are starting your mail program for the first time, then there is a need for you to enter your email account information before you are starting to make use of that program. There is a need for you to enter the name of the server for the outgoing email along with the name of server related to the incoming email. There you have to specify the details about which SMTP server https://spammer.ro/smtps and POP3 server that your mail program uses for communicating over Internet. 

For setting, in your outlook there is a need for you to click on file. Then navigate to the Account settings to find its options. On the Email tab there is a need for you to double click on your account that you want to connect to HubSpot. Below the server information you can find out the Incoming mail server (IMAP) and its outgoing mail server known as (SMTP) names. To find out more ports there is a need for you to click on more settings. You don’t want to get tensed because it is easy process and if you are processing it for the first time there you can make use of the user guide that would be helpful for navigating to the new windows.

How does the mail server communicate?

When you had drafted an email from your local computer to mail server there your email would start its journey to recipient. Perhaps your receiver might be at the other side of the world there your email would travel long before it is arriving to your receiver’s computer. Before reaching, your email programs and spammer tools should communicate about where to deliver the email messages, it would examine about the email address that you have specified as the receiver of the message. The mail servers would extract the domain name of the email address and use that location for communications.

How to set up your personal email server?

It is easy for you to set up your own email servers that help you to escape from the routine scanning of your emails. Here are some guidelines that you can make use of it for setting up.

  • There is a need for a separate computer with the enough hard drive capacity that acts as an email server.
  • Know the domain name of your email server, that you can use it for setting up your email address.
  • To speed up the process there is a need for you to have a reliable and high speed internet connection.  
  •  Operating system as like windows or Linux is required for running the server.
  • The software programs as like the MailEnable is used that sorts out the route emails and spam filters as like the spam Assassin, this depends based on the operating system that you settle in.
  • A system for streamlining the setup process. 

For completing the process there is a need for you to complete the setup process that are listed below

  • Download and run the hMailserver installer. Then click on the next button and agree to the license terms and conditions.
  • In that select the server that is found in the next screen. 
  • Next there is a need to select the database that you will be using. Usually the build in database would be checked by default and it is ideal choice for you to make use of something that you want. 
  • Clicks next and there choose the folder location correctly where the programs shortcuts are saved.
  • After that specify the main password that is used for managing out your hMailServer. After that click on the next button then click on install button for adding the hMailServer in your computer.

Ensure the run box and check it off and click on finish button. The hMailServer admin window would get launched and click on connect. Enter the password, now you are ready to configure your SMTP server. You would find out a new window click on Add domain then follow the same as per the guidelines that are given in the window. Finally test out the outbound port, if in case when you find some error troubleshoot it and start execute.